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5 bead stairs (DIY kit - 275 beads)

(8mm Perlen)
(8mm Perlen)(8mm Perlen)
7,80 € Brand: WunderwerkstattWunderwerkstatt
Bees Wax polish (10ml)

DIY Bead stairs

The new series is ready. Colors will differ from the photo as every dyeing session turns out a little different, but use the same schema. 

Beads to make 5 bead stairs - that means 5 bars of each number 1-10.

Included are:

  • 275 beads with 8mm diameter -dyed with foodcoloring and liquid watercolors (in 10labeled paperbags)
  • bunch of beads as reserve

Optional - if don't have some at home:

  • 1 little jar of bees wax polish, to give some shine to the beads (the beads won't be inert to salvia or water, but a little more protected!)

What you need:

  • paper towel to take excess polish (you can polish before you thread the beads or after threading - before is easier to me - just take up some polish with your finger and apply it to the beads)
  • Wire for threading the beads Draht zum Auffädeln
  • pliers 


Thread the right number of beads onto the wire. Then bend a loop intro the wire. Cut the wire with some excess and bend another wire with this excess. 

You can polish the beads before or after threading. After threading is easier, but it can be possible, that you don't polish the beads where two meet.