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Numbers and Chips - DIY kit

16,50 € Autor: WunderwerkstattWunderwerkstatt
Bees Wax polish (10ml)

DIY numbers and Chips

The new dyeing series is ready - the exact hue of the red can be differing from the photo as the wood and the dye can have variation. 

A DIY kit to make your own Montessori numbers and chips.


  • 55 Chips 20mm diameter  - dyed with foodcoloring and liquid watercolors 
  • Numbers from 1-10 (50mm high)- dyed with foodcoloring and liquid watercolors 

Optional - if isn't available to you:

  • 1 little jar of homemade beeswax polish (the chips and numbers won't be salvia proof afterwards)
  • 10 Chips (40x40mm) with painted numbers, to use with kids, that aren't sure which way is corrects for the numbers.

What you need:

  • paper towel to take excess polish (you can polish before you thread the beads or after threading - before is easier to me - just take up some polish with your finger and apply it to the beads)
  • A box to your liking