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Short bead chains (DIY kit with 385 beads)

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Döschen Politur (5ml)

DIY Short Bead chains

The new series is ready. Colors will differ from the photo as every dyeing session turns out a little different, but use the same schema. 

Beads to make bead chains for the square numbers - 1x 1-bar, 2x 2-bar, 3x 3-bar and so on till 10x 10-bar.

Included are:

  • 385 beads with 8mm diameter - dyed with foodcoloring and liquid watercolors (in 10 labeled paperbags)
  • bunch of beads as reserve

Optional - if don't have some at home:

  • 1 little jar of bees wax polish, to give some shine to the beads (the beads won't be inert to salvia or water, but a little more protected!)

What you need:

  • paper towel to take excess polish (you can polish before you thread the beads or after threading - before is easier to me - just take up some polish with your finger and apply it to the beads)
  • Wire for threading the beads Draht zum Auffädeln
  • pliers 
  • little rings to connect the bead-bars


Thread the right number of beads onto the wire. Then bend a loop intro the wire. Cut the wire with some excess and bend another wire with this excess. Connect the single bead-bars with a little ring.

You can polish the beads before or after threading. After threading is easier, but it can be possible, that you don't polish the beads where two meet.