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Montessori Day Chain (DIY kit - 24 beads)

16,90 € Autor: WunderwerkstattWunderwerkstatt
Bees Wax polish (10ml)

DIY Montessori Day Chain

24 beads for your own chain.

Inclued are:

  • 24 beads with 40mm diameter - one for every hour of the day - dyed with foodcoloring and liquid watercolors

Optional - if don't have it at home:

  • 1 little jar of bees wax polish, to give some shine to the beads (the beads won't be inert to salvia or water, but a little more protected!)

What you need:

  • paper towel to take excess polish (you can polish before you thread the beads or after threading - before is easier to me - just take up some polish with your finger and apply it to the beads)
  • a little bit more than 4 m string - I love a flexible one like this 
  • [optional] 24 little beads about 8mm in a neutral color for spacing (see photo)