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This game can be played in different ways. The easiest variation would be copying the given pattern on the other side. For older children, a more difficult option would be copying the pattern mirror-inverted, using the line in the middle as a mirror axis. Of course, also free patterns can be laid.

Das Legespiel in der Übersicht

Things needed

die Moosgummiteile


Cut several pieces of cardboard of 5x10cm. Cut the same amount of pieces out of paper slightly bigger than 5x10cm.

Glue the paper to the cardboard, foldiing over the protruding parts and fixing them on the back side.

Mark the middle line with a pen.

Sort the foam shapes in pairs and come up with different ideas for patterns.

Glue the patterns to the left side of the decorated cardboard and put the loose twin pieces into a bag.

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