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Cosmic Education

  • explore and understand connections and rules in the world
  • includes many "traditional school subjects"
  • a "keystone of Montessori pedagogy"

'Cosmic education' is one of the pilars of the Montessori pedagogy. This is about teaching knowledge about oneself and the world exploring and understanding connections and principles from the start instead of dividing them into different subjects. The children can find themselves and their place in the big world order and can take responsibility for themselves and the environment.

Cosmic education includes a lot of 'classic school subjects'. It connects those in order to make correlations and interconnections easier to comprehend.

  • Cultural studies: history, geography, social studies, philosophy
  • Natural history: biology, physics, chemistry, geology, ecology, astronomy
  • Fine arts: music, art, theater, circus
  • Practical life: handcraft, needle work, computer science, home economics
  • Health and movement: physical education, religion, ethics, peace education