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When you watch your child - what skills is he or she learning at the moment? And how can I help and support him in this task?


The process of abstraction - general rules and concepts that are derived from specific examples, real and concrete things - is a great achievement in the development of children.


The skill to divide objects and things to groups and sub-groups.


Focussing your attention - being in flow..

Control of the wrist

Ideas and games to promote a better control of the wrist. 

Fine motor skills

Pincergrip, control of physical muscle power and many more skills...

Hand-eye Coordination

Bringing together movement and visual information is a very important step in the development of children. With these play ideas you can support this skill and its development.


Help me to do it myself!

Motion sequence

Learn all motion sequences needed in life and bring them to perfection.

Muscles needed for writing

Games for refining the muscles needed for writing. 

Muscles needed for writing


Refining the senses...



Staying on tasks - even if it is a difficult one.

Pincer grip

Games to develop and refine the pincer grip

Problem solving

Games and ideas to foster problem solving skills


Games that support reading skills.


Play ideas and games to explore and learn how to thread: