What would fit your child?
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What kind of play engages my child at the moment? What do my children love to do?


Cogwheels, wooden blocks, twigs, rubberband - exploring building, constructing and engineering. 


Free - open-ended Play

"Loose parts" - an invitation to explore and learn. 

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles, layered puzzles - animals, flowers, lifecycles - #puzzlelovers

Matching game

What matches? Who belongs to....?

Peg game

Sticking small thing in big ones - for the sake of sticking, poking and filling.

Practical life

Using everyday items to practise everyday work.

Sensory Play

Exploring the world with all senses.

Skill-based game

Play ideas that are based on dexterity, flexibility and concentration.

Sorting game

The good must be put in the dish. The bad you may eat if you wish. (Cinderella)

Tile-based game

Forming patterns and pictures using templates or just your imagination.