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In 1972 the architect Simon Nicholson created the 'Theory of Loose Parts' in which infinitely more opportunities to learn are created than with static materials and surroundings.

The tinker tray or our solutions offer a lot of possibilities for the children to discover and experience the world. Depending on your childs age and developement you would need to adjust the materials on offer. Watch your children and find out what fascinates and captures and entices them.


Things needed

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Divide the material into bowls and boxes, lay the tools out - ready! 

I made an effort to offer different stimuli, meaning objects, which not only differ in colour but also have differnt shapes and materials. Thereby the children can experiment with seeing, feeling and hearing.

To stop the 'wunderwerkstatt' from being overloaded and to keep it interessting, I have rotated the materials regularly (on the picture you see everything at the same time).

No time to make your own?

You can't buy a readymade version, but I have some suggestions to start with:

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