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A guest contribution by montessori_lifestylemontessori_lifestyle. Thank you very much!

We have all seen the bird food balls displayed at the store, you can make thouse at home very easily! Younger children will need assistance with the hot pot, older children can make them by themselves.

Futterkugeln selbst gemacht

Things needed


Melt the grease in a large pot. (Caution hot! Younger children will need help!) . Remove from the stove.

Add bird seeds to the melted grease with a wooden spoon and stir well.

Place the pot somewhere cool until the mass has cooled down and become a paste.

Meanwhile cut strings approx. 20-25 cm in length (7.9 -9.8 inch).

Put the paste-like mass into the mold and place the string in the center. Put the molds on a tray and put the tray in the basement or somewhere cool. Once the balls have cooled off completely you can remove them from the mold.

You can add oats in addition to the bird seeds.

For storage wrap the balls in foil and store them in a cool place to avoid them getting too soft.

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