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Here we present everyday life exercises, which as such do not belong to the classic Montessori materials. Nonetheless these exercises offer the opportunity to memorise and perfect everyday life motion sequences. These are offered on a tray so the children can take them in and out the shelf themselves. The items are arranged in writing direction, to strenghthen the body memory.

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 Schlüssel und Schloss zusammen bringen

Key and lock

  • 2 bowls
  • keys and locks

Place the keys and the locks in two different bowls.

You can also knot the keys to a tray, so they will not get lost, and place the locks onto a tray, or for bigger children interlock the locks with each other.

schrauben zu den Muttern finden

Nuts and bolts

Offer the nuts and bolts either in two bowls or all in one bowl and and empty bowl for the screwed together nuts and bolts.

As an additional control of error always offer the same amount of nuts and bolts. So the child can realize by himself, if too big of a nut was screwed on and the others do no longer fit together.

Papier ausstanzen

Paper punching

  • Paper in different thicknesses and colours
  • paper punch
  • Possibly an envelope or a bowl, to collected the punched paper pieces

Arrange all tools on a tray. To begin with choose smaller paper pieces so they are easier to handle for a child.

Optionally offer tweezers or a little brush to collect the punchings

The punchings can be used beautifully for a new piece of art, offer on a tray a big piece of white paper and some glue.

Nudeln abwiegen


Of course you can also offer other things to be weighted and compared. If the material is very small possibly offer two little bowls to put on the scales.

As an addition you could provide little bags and clips (for example tea bags or little empty containers or little jars with lids) in which the weighted material can be filled into.

No time to make your own?

There are some readymade alternatives: 

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