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Snow and ice are incredibly fascinating but unfortuntaely melt far too quickly. When a package of instant-snow was given to us, we had to try it of course. As polar bears and penguins can not meet in the real world but they have so many things in common, we arranged a meeting between them.
We have used our water table for that. When we bought the water table I decided on having one with a drain which we found out was very practicable.

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Instantschnee und Wasser

Requiered Materials

Die Kaiserpinguinfamilie


Mix some snow powder with water and add more water or snow powder until you have reached the required texture.

Add animals, stones, shells, tools and bowls - and icebears and penguins are allowed to meet each other - what a sensation

Snow loses moisture with time but can be made wet again anytime and therefore be used several times.

Snow feels a little wet and cold - similar to real snow, only that you do not get cold hands.

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