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plants patterns

  • Binomial cube

    The binomial cube is a sensomotor experience, that supports the development of spatial

  • Trinomial cube

    The trinomial cube is a sensomotor experience, that supports the development of spatial

  • Pasta in a bag

    Pasta in all colors and shapes make the most beautiful necklaces. 


  • Patterns with foam shapes

    Laying free or given patterns with foam shapes.

  • Cube-mosaic

    100 cubes in 20 colours offer endless possibilities for patterns and constructions.

  • Patterns on the light table

    Lay out and explore exciting luminous patterns.

  • (Tile-based) puzzle with three basic forms

    Triangles, squares and rhombuses in rainbow colours invite to create new shapes and figures and

  • Our Wunderwerkstatt

    Invitation to an exploration of the senses in the wonder workshop: highly concentrated and

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