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plants persistance

  • Pouring activities

    There are many different pouring activities - they build on each other in terms of difficulty

  • Syringe and pipette

    There are many different transfer exercises with pipettes and syringes - they build on each

  • Tongs

    There are many different activities with tongs - they build on each in difficulty level and

  • Spooning

    There are many different activities with spoons - they build on each other in levels of

  • Felt tangram

  • Next step: deepening knowlegde, following interests:

  • Patterns on the light table

    Lay out and explore exciting luminous patterns.

  • Rainbow-Window-Blocks

    Glowing blocks in the colours of the rainbow to stack or to explore colours and how they are

  • Mirror corner

    mirror, mirror in the corner... - experience and investigate symetry, geometry and

  • Plant windows

    Preserve and explore natural treasures from a walk through the woods.

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