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matching game Age 5-6

  • Felt loops

    Making long lines or chaplets out of felt bands - practising opening and closing buttons, snaps

  • Patterns with foam shapes

    Laying free or given patterns with foam shapes.

  • Letters in a box

    Building words - in the car or on the train!

  • Solar system - quietbookpage

    The planets in our solar system - a quiet book following the sewing pattern of ...

  • Lacing blocks

    Lacing smooth silk ribbon through different sized thread eyes - training fine motor skills and

  • Fishing game or counting fishies

    Colourful glittery fish made from felt - a classic fishing game or as an exersice for

  • Everything about puzzles

    Is there a order for puzzles, that is good to follow? My childs puzzles provide no challenge -

  • Sensory tray - a small sensorybin

    A tray of bits and bobs and a little bit of rice - the sensory bin in small size can also be a

  • Cube-mosaic

    100 cubes in 20 colours offer endless possibilities for patterns and constructions.

  • Patterns on the light table

    Lay out and explore exciting luminous patterns.

  • Plant windows

    Preserve and explore natural treasures from a walk through the woods.

  • Rainbow Peg dolls

    Replay family, friends or the nursery group - with these peg dolls anything the fantasy

  • (Tile-based) puzzle with three basic forms

    Triangles, squares and rhombuses in rainbow colours invite to create new shapes and figures and

  • Counting blocks in Montessori colors

    1, 2, 3... - Counting and building all in one.

  • DIY Spielgaben - endless opportunities to play

    Triangles, squares and rhombi in all the colours of the rainbow invite to make ever new

    • Next step: deepening knowlegde, following interests.

  • DIY Light table - IKEA hack

    A table with chairs from Ikea, an acrylic sheet and LED-light strips can make an affordable

  • Rainbow-Window-Blocks

    Glowing blocks in the colours of the rainbow to stack or to explore colours and how they are

  • Mirror corner

    mirror, mirror in the corner... - experience and investigate symetry, geometry and

  • The easiest and quickest playdough

    This play dough has many different variaties and only needs very simple ingredients - no

  • Window paint - quick to mix

    Do you want to paint on your windows with brushes or fingers and have the paint come of

  • Rainbow-Sensory bins

    Rainbows are fascinating for all ages.

  • Magnetic, glowing stones

    Glowing, mysterious discs in all the colours of the rainbow, which can either be caught with a

  • Water is alwasy fun - easy sensory bins with water

    Water is probably the simplest filling material for a sensory bin.

  • Treasure bins for sorting and digging


  • (Ant)Arctica - Snow, pinguins and icebears

    A little bit of water, instant-snow, a few animals and here we are in the polar regions!

  • Cloud dough

    Cloud dough is soft, slightly sticky sand you can easily make yourself. Furthermore it is safe

  • Slimy slime

    Slimy slime - made of only two ingredients!

    It feels like the slime that

  • Kinetic sand

    Kinetic sand has different flow properties than regular sand or moon sand.

  • Winter bird-food-balls

    Easy homemade bird food balls

  • Do it yourself watercolor

    Do you want to make your own brilliant watercolors?

    You can with this

  • Oobleck

    Ooblek - non-Newtonian fluid

    Our alternative for "magical water" is

  • Life cycle of a snowdrop

    The growth stages of a snowdrop as a layered puzzle.

  • Life cycle of a bean

    The growth stages of a bean plant as a layered puzzle.

  • Life cycle of a painted lady

    The life cycle of a painted lady as a layered puzzle.

  • Life cycle of a tree frog

    The life cycle of a tree frog as a layered puzzle.

  • Telling stories with story-stones

    How do I tell a good story? What do I need for it?

  • Colormatching with clothes pins

    Colors from yellow to purple and from light to dark.

  • Couting with stones

    Make a game with pepples to assign numbers and quantities. With more oblong stones you can make

  • Matching games

    Every child enjoys matching games - the difficulty level can be varied.

  • Which seeds are these?

    What grows from these little seeds - and what do carrot seeds look like?

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